Long time NO SEE!!

Hello everyone,

really sorry for a lack updates. Apparently since january! I was so busy with moving and stuffs. I moved back to Calgary from Banff which I am dearly miss the place to live in. 10 months of living in Banff was the best experiences I ever had. So I am in Calgary now and living with my newly Husband!!

Joel and I were eloped to get married and are very happy what we did. Now I am Ms.Kvarnber and no longer Lennox but I am still belong to Lennox!

I will make sure to updates more often since I am having more free times.


Etsy Wednesday

I am decided to do some Etsy Wednesday so that I can keep myself busy surfing that website. I borrowed the idea from Kristina and her website, the snowpants. I always have admire this website, the Etsy. It’s very unique and artistic. It’s lots of handmade from the people all over the world which it’s inspired me because I want to help them to success their own business thru Etsy.


Bird on Branch on Black Hoodie

I would love to have this hoodie, its very earthy and unique which it’s so SUIT me!!


Rosette Jersey Scarf

I have been developing my addiction of the scarves now. But I need to re-do my styles so that I able to have scarf that goes to match my clothing style because I am currently just don’t give any crap with my style because I am by myself at the most, haha.

Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama 2009

President Obama I just watched Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama 2009 on the CNN Live on their Website, wish they added Closed Caption on the internet live stream. I should email to CNN and suggest to them to able to add the Closed Caption like Youtube website to have the Deaf people to get access to use the CNN live stream or their vides on CNN because they are most important News website that rely lots of informations out there in America and the World. Even tho, I am a Canadian but I think it’s very important for every countries to be involve and work together as team because we are the humans. So Congratulations to 44th President, Barack Obama. There will be change in the future for the America and for the countries all over the world.

I have been discovered my Spiritual Gifts from God, I took some quiz and discovered the top 3 are:

  1. Artistry (Related arts things like painting, etc)
  2. Writing
  3. Service

So I decided to focus on them and ask God for give me wisdom to focus on them and improving on these skills that God gave to me because I want to serve God more and to help other people in the world.  For nearly month, I was decided to focus on God again because I have been on and off reading the bible and don’t really give myself motivation into God till I read book called How to Hear from the God, written by Joyce Meyers. It’s very good book and it helps me to think and I do really want to hear from God so badly but I wasn’t too sure how it works and I always knew that He is wonderful Father and He is very patient and compassionate to all of us who are foresaken him and the christian people who are not following what God asked them.

Have a fantastic Day!

A Brand New Day

Hello Everyone,

I decided to set up a new blog and possibly doing a couple of Vlogs so that I can keep myself busy.

It may be various from my opinions to the bible to the personal daily life because I want to do something that I see through my eyes.